Through The Wall

by Dialectics

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KRISTOPHER KRYSA The whole album is awesome, it's out there but has familiar features. Reminds me a lot of DEVO, but with classic punk sound. Seriously awesome!
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Recorded at Sweet Lodge Recordings by Ryan Keller
Mixed and Mastered at Lindy Sounds by Kyle Lindauer


released March 17, 2016

Gabe Meline sang lead on the bridge of animal.
Chris Matulich, and Tony Teixeira sang backups on Animal.
Brian Gellman sang with alex on the verses of bad mistake
Brandon Stolp ripped the solo at the end of the loser
gang vocals included Ryan Keller, Brian Gellman, and Dialectics



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Dialectics Santa Rosa, California

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Track Name: Animal
I am animal. I am flesh and bone. I am pheromone too. I am animal. I am blood and guts stuck in the rut with you. She is animal. We are animal. We're instinctual. we are not apart from all the other animals. wise animals, wild animals. Now I feel so small. That's all I needed right now. a little humbling will bring me out of my bullshit illusion that homo sapiens are above animals no matter what. you are animal. you are eating food though it came from a can you're still animal maybe not that good at living with the land. we are animals. nasty animals. only living once. going out in flames. choking on puke and booze. we are born to lose, we don't give a fuck. i'm feeling stuck too. but you, you've gotta quit that right now. a little humbling will bring you out of your bullshit illusion that you're the only one, cause you're heading straight for the sun, collision mission. someday I'll fossilize in the barren clay post my demise. another animal like the rest; a partial skeletal fragment at best. like all the rest: animal.
Track Name: Bad Mistake
that thing that we did, we won't admit it. cause in a minute we'll forget it. did I mention our affection is compromised at the moment. I'm gonna pretend and nod my head. I am gonna humor you. I wanna bend the rods embedded in the wall you're surrounded in. LET ME IN. DON'T GIVE UP SO FAST. SHOW SOME LOVE. MAKE THIS FEELING LAST. don't wanna get lost. I wanna squash it. I wanna make you so sick of me. Is that resentment? what a sentiment! can I relish in this moment? Your gonna pretend and nod your head. You are gonna humor me. There's poison in this pool we're swimming in. we're floating, dead, and bloating. LET ME IN. DON'T GIVE UP SO FAST. SHOW SOME LOVE. MAKE THIS FEELING LAST. I'm so afraid I might have made you think this whole thing was just a bad mistake. I'll take from this lesson: how hard it is to stop messing around. LET ME IN. DON'T GIVE UP SO FAST. SHOW SOME LOVE. MAKE THIS FEELING... I'm so afraid I might have made you think this whole thing was just a bad mistake. I'll take from this lesson: how hard it is to stop messing around. I made a bad mistake today. another bad mistake. another time I take away, another time you need a break. the pile grows everyday. all these mountainous mistakes.
Track Name: Far Star
it's been a spell. I've spent some time alone. I've seen hell. It spilled out as you moaned. Ah-ooh it's true. Ah-ooh I knew that blood would stain right through. Full of mistakes, they're seeping through me now. the fever breaks, the flood of sweat comes pouring down. I drown in this bed. the sound of your head bangin' round is the release I found. broken, selfish clown. I'm no fun in this town. someday you'll have me on a table. you can pick apart my brain. you'll see inside this freak and behold what you hate. this time it's my turn. now you're gonna learn. ALL OF THEM ARE GONNA BURN. Ah-ooh it's true. Ah-ooh I knew I would do this to you. I have to. I have to turn you blue. throttle you, prove myself absolute then burn it to the ground and walk away.
Track Name: Worrier
your contest it has no sense. know that she will destroy us. goddess of extinction. she blinks and you're done. you're done having your fun. say goodbye to everyone. you know I mean it when I say it, this lamp's gonna burn out quick. I can' wrap my mind around all of this avoiding. I know the trauma, it adds up, and the will starts eroding. and you're heart starts exploding like a geyser, a hot vomit party. I'm sorry, I'm heavy, I know it. it's what keeps me grounded. and I just stuck my neck out for you again. you sleep all day. you let it all slip away. worrier, you're a worrier. saying that you're done, never having fun, refuse to see the sun. lost in your head, always in your bed, looking like you're dead.
Track Name: The Egg
is that a light I see up there? is there any breathable air? I think I’ll stay inside today I don’t really mind if I waste away. it’s how I spend my days
avoiding the world outside. is it fair to say that I’m doing fine in this egg of mine? if I emerge will I die? I meditate on all of my illogical paranoias.
it doesn’t take long to find, I’m full of justified lies. if I emerge will I die? I’M IN THE EGG. just how much will you beg to stay inside your rotten egg? I just wanna be alone. I’m gonna stay here forever. then one day I broke out of my egg. I felt okay, in fact, I felt the freedom of living. now I’m really living. I’M OUT OF THE EGG!